Biscuit Placebo is a huge company with 8000 employees. We are located in a giant skyscraper surrounded by a moat with lava, and guarded by a seven-headed grasshopper-antelope. It is just waiting to eat you up! Beware! It's coming for you now! Aaaarrrghhh!!

... Oh... Who am I fooling? Biscuit Placebo is really just me, Jens Stääf. I make some games in my spare time. Please download, play and enjoy.

Make contact

Do you love my games? Do you want to send me diamonds and smoked salmon? Have you found a bug? Or do you have a tricky question (if it's VERY tricky, don't expect very good answers)?

Please contact me at: jens.staaf(at)biscuitplacebo(dot)com (replace (at) with @, and (dot) with .).